During my career as a chef I have been fortunate to have encountered a whole variety of kitchen environments in oceans, mountains and cities. That has allowed me to discover a whole array of different cuisines, styles and skills from the chef’s and culinary characters I have met along the way. My biggest influences that I try to view and create dishes through the eyes of would be the “hobsonscook’s cook” Damian Clisby where food is driven by well sourced produce with Italian simplicity and unrivaled freshness, Chris Cleghorn firmly taught myself the important of balance of flavour, precise technique and how to really use the palette so that a product lifted to its fullest flavour then Chris Staines throws a curve ball of masses of knowledge from non-western complex styles of cooking that I always now love to add some part of to WhiteHeat’s menu’s. All of these mentor’s have given me time and patience to pass on a wealth of experience that I appreciate to the nth degree.

Then I drove myself to such questions as why can’t this quality of food become more accessible without going into a restaurant? Do I have to cook in one single destination every week? Why can’t guests have more control over their choice of menu?

So I started WhiteHeat so that the guest gets more value and delight through being more creatively involved because nowadays people have a much bigger knowledge of food. I also believe the formal style of dining is losing its appeal but a more rustic relaxed style now has the edge so that people can enjoy a lot more especially for larger gatherings. Plus I love not having to be locked away in basement sweatbox’s and getting the opportunity to speak to guests and getting whatever feedback I receive to further improve the business.

Thanks for reading,