The Big Transition!

Admittedly this blog has been very sparse to say the least, in fact non-existent! But I don’t  wish to inundate anyone with monotonous images of a plate of meat over charcoal or “I’m here today at so and so and come on down!”. I am here today mark a huge important milestone for WhiteHeat.

From the depths of failure and despair in the early days where I would trundle up and down the M5 most weekends and literally gamble money and efforts hoping for that one successful event, coming home with 40/50 quid in the clear from 3 days of solid labour then the odd event that you would be hoping for would finally provide just enough to pay the rent. This situation repeated itself very regularly over the next 18 months but there was always a light to these experiences from meeting fellow traders in the same shoes who would keep cracking on from the simple love of cooking and getting gratification from customer’s whom which genuinely really enjoying the fruits of your labour. Various opportunities did slowly come together thanks to folks in restaurant industry from where I had left. They materialised in the form of bonkers Ian Taylor building an underground igloo restaurant for Christmas parties where a mate and myself sent 1300 covers out of it over the festive period. All produced from my 1 bed flat which created a few issues to say the least from two 6ft plus lads up and down stairs day & night, suppliers banging on the door dropping off 15kg plus of meat every time, towers of veg, the whirring of a commercial fridge, the hissing sounds of a vac-pac machine, the constant smell of Goulash all this whilst the fiance is trying to watch Hollyoaks.

But now I am happy to say that times have moved on and she went on to become my wife even after all that. The business is going strength to strength and has steadily become recognised amongst some. Having managed to get a steady stream wedding business I found a modern niche to the way that couples see their wedding catering and have naturally come to the conclusion of totally de-formalising the wedding breakfast. In the form of a streetfood stall where guests get to see and smell the journey their food from raw, to seasoning, to plate. Encouraging vibrant palette smacking sharing platters that becomes a great ice breaker on tables where generally guests will only know the person next to them. The flow of the business has taken WhiteHeat the full circle of a culinary  journey which has brought me back at the door in restaurant kitchens in form a fantastic offer to take over a kitchen bang in the middle of Bath. I am delighted to say the least, that someone has taken the believe and will to steam WhiteHeat on wards. The opportunities within the premises are in abundance, the main one of mine which has been a bit of dream is to create a very different version of the takeaway allowing anyone within a radius can make a few clicks can receive some absolutely banging fresh street style food. What’s also hugely inspiring is to have an owner who has the same vision to dining within his restaurant, what I mean is that it’s casual, nor food or drink is more the focus. No silences between mouthful’s but a good buzz & hum in the place, where the food is neither a starter or main but is light, flavourful & vibrant! Turning fining dining level of flavour into something more accessible, cheaper and interesting.

All in all to conclude I would love to invite anyone and everyone to join us at WhiteHeat @ Circo Bar on George Street, Bath!!

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